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  • How to know about the Company in detail?

    Visit in our new company website, all new informationand all products will be updated on the website timely. 

  • Where can I find the new brochures?

    The new brochures are to be found on the request mail as mentioned in contact.

  • How can I know about the company manufacturing unit?

    All the Company manufacturing plant address is mentioned in contact and further updated on the same.

  • Will the Internet site address change after launch new website?

    No. The Internet site address will be the same as earlier (you will be search this website on Google & Search engine as well)

  • How can I apply for the vacancy in accent microcell Pvt. Ltd.

    Visit in Career link in website and fill the related information accordingly your application will be saved in our database for future requirement.

  • What about the inquiry how it can be place?

    Yes, Inquiry can be place online (as direct link is mentioned on website) or directly mail to us on given e-mail. 

  • Shall one get the idea about the company infrastructure?

    Yes, everyone can get the full view of company and its manufacturing unit infrastructure on our new launch website.

  • Is company visit any international trade fair & exhibition?

    Yes, Accent Microcell Pvt Ltd one of the company from india which continuously participate in National & international trade fair and exhibition to promote our brand product. Like. CPHI-Korea, Vitafoods- Europe, CPHI-South America, CPHI-France and aany more (for seeing picture and more information visit our website) 

  • Does the production process change?

    No, the production process will not change and new technologies and machineries keep on updating timely.

  • Does warehouse(s) location change?

    No, the warehouse location will not change.

  • What is the packing of the material?

    Visit on Product Menu to get the exact idea about the Product and Packing & Storage.

  • From where can I get the product Information & Specification?

    Visit on our website in product menu to get the entire information such as: product Name, their specification, grade, use etc. 

  • Is the packaging and its quality different?

    Packaging material and its quality is upgraded as ISO standard, export worthy and also as per customer need and requirement. 

  • Will there be changes in product specification?

    Product specifications remain unchanged but we are committed to match our customer need so we can produce the other related products as per customer requirement.

  • Will there be changes in batch numbering?

    Batch numbering changed according to code of product

  • Is there any product quality assurance?

    Yes, we are ISO certified Company and known for their quality product worldwide, we can also arrange the third party inspection as per customer need. 

  • How sample requests can be done?

    Samples request direct can be made through sample link on our website, we will sent out from stock and customer will be informed accordingly.

  • Will the phone- fax number and email addresses change?

    All the Tele-communication No. and Email address will be remains unchanged.